Croatia 2014 part 1, Split and Hvar an Adriatic intro.

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Arriving to Split at night was easily executed and we arrived at The GOLDEN PALACE to a buzzing vibrant bar scene inside the old palace walls. The Apartment was very well put together and we had a good nights sleep. The next day it was a perfect day to just explore this amazing ancient place that dates back to the time of Diocletian when he created his palace in the 4th century AD. Now within the walls lies a vibrant eclectic space for tourists and locals alike.

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At every turn sights and sounds appeared above and below ground that kept us amused for hours and when night came the Piazzas and waterfront came alive like no other place we have been. The original basement of the palace is now home to a market and installation art gallery and since this i GOT territory it was only natural to see some characters there as well as a few Roman centurions and the odd Emperor ready for their show.

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We spent 4 days in Split and really didn’t venture out of the City other than to pick up the girls for our ferry ride to Hvar. There was so much to see and do and also it was the perfect place to unwind and take it easy.

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The amount of Ancient roman antiquities were amazing with The whole Peristyle was  intact as well as Jupiters temple and The Mausoleum now Cathedral


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It was off on the very crowded local ferry for the two hour ride to Hvar with every tourist you could find pilled on board, but we got seats and arrived a bit hot and bothered in Hvar. straight in a taxi and of to Milna Beach to The Hotel Fortuna. The rest of the day was spent swimming and lazing about before a beautiful fish dinner on the sand and the next day was very much the same.

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We wandered the local paths and found a lovely little beach and a fabulous restaurant that we ate at for two lunch;s in a row and their seafood risotto was perfection. On our last day in Hvar we spent the afternoon in Hvar town and wandered the streets and bars and capped it off with a spectacular dinner on the waterfront.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This looks like it was a beautiful trip. So nice the girls could join you for part of it.

    I think Croatia might be headed to the bucket list.


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