Tokyo, the people and place. Japan: April 2015

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Arriving in Tokyo for the third time was very different to the first and especially when coming in from the south by car through the winding mountains of the Choi highway and having to drop the car off in an outer suburb of Tokyo. But it all went smoothly and before we knew it we were on the suburban train and heading for Tokyo station and the swanky new hotel positioed in the Old 1890’s Railway building.


Our first night was spent wandering around the underground and uppergrounds of the Maranouchi district and we enjoyed a lovely mexican meal for a change in the Tokia centre.



We still had plenty of cheery blossom viewing in us and got a taxi out to Harajuku and walked through the Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Temple park and onto the Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens to people and Sakura watch in the glorious sunshine.

The people were the best part and we captured a few interesting ones


The Park was full of life and they were setting up for the special celebrations on the weekend where tens of thousands of people will gather in groups to celebrate the Sakura in fine traditional style.

IMG_9623 IMG_9625

The Old Tokyo Station was the perfect location to get around both on foot, by subway or by taxi. The Imperial Palace Edo period east Gardens were open early so we were able to get a fabulous look without the crowds and were really taken by the amazing azaleas and original stone work



In the centre of the Marunouchi district was the delightful Courtyard of the old Mitsubishi building and a short train and metro combination later and we were at Asakusa and the amazing Senso-ji Shrine and gardens


It was a wet Sunday and there were people everywhere as well as being a holy day so shopping eating and praying were in order and they did the lot with gusto.


We wandered the streets and clocked up some serious Km’s and found some great food stalls and interesting parking arrangements.

IMG_9716IMG_9717 IMG_9714

You have to love the electrical ingenuity of the Japanese.


A selfie with a twist, street corner Tokyo style.


Asukusa markets buzzing


It was a holy dress up day and the girls were always happy to pose.


The fashionistas are everywhere and these girls were in the Ueno style at Ueno Park.


Gojoten Shrine at Ueno Park with summer leaves and spring blooms together.

IMG_9740IMG_9741 CIMG1242The Chocolate box spruiker at Uneo station markets.


The Peninsula Hotel bar was a study of funk.



Our last day in Tokyo and a visit to the famous crossing at Shibuya and a great lunch of Korean steamboat delights out of the rain for a change. The Manboo cafe was tempting but we passed on the opportunity.


Before we headed off to the airport we splurged out on the best tempura in Tokyo on the 35th floor of the Marunouchi building , a sheer magic meal.


So long , sinara japan you delivered big time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing it John! We have experienced much of what you have shared already (without the cherry blossoms) and are looking forward to a visit to the fish markets today and Shibuya tonight.

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