The Ley lines and energy of Wells & Glastonbury England: August 2016

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Our trip from Clovelly to Glastonbury had the usual traffic delays but was picturesque with hills and dales and fields of green in every direction.



Close to Glastonbury is the Historic Cathedral town of Wells and what a stunning little town it was with a quiet assuredness of its place in the world.

The cathedral and Bishops court residence and gardens were well worth the visit and the whole atmosphere of the vicarage and the amazing engineering and design of the cathedral were a revelation.


Arriving in Glastonbury and finding our Hotel The George & Pilgrim was easy and after being shown to our room called the Abbot Selwyn room we could feel the spirits of ages past all around us in the 1451 built building being a classic inn of its time and one that Henry 8th stayed in as he destroyed the Glastonbury Abbey.

This is definitely the oldest accommodations we have stayed in, and fortunately we had a good night’s sleep and not disturbed by the many spirits lurking.

We strolled around the inner town and decided on an old Hotel that was renowned for its curry so we settled into the courtyard and enjoyed a sumptuous feast and then watched a great 3 piece blues band put on a great show, live music is such a great find when travelling and it really made the night.

A visit to the ruins of the Abbey, lady chapel and grounds were our first stop in the morning and we enjoyed wandering the grounds and taking in the atmosphere.


There is a myth that Arthur & Gwenevier are buried here. The grounds are huge and its great to be there when not many tourists are out and about yet.


Afterwards we took the bus to the base of the Tor and walked up to the top to St Michael’s Church or Tower.


The walk up was well worth it and whilst taking in the scenery below we were greeted by a local Glastonbury character who gave an entertaining talk on some of the history and myths surrounding the many sites of Glastonbury.

He showed us the exact spot where the Michael and Mary Ley lines cross and we both got to experience the amazing energy that exists there. Ann was drawn to the earth and was swaying around and John swayed back and forth.


Afterwards it was most the grounded we had felt for a while. John also got to try the energy rods that were not able to be controlled when they got near the Ley lines, no matter how hard he tried.
We walked back down the other side of the Tor, which was much easier than the way up, and came out at The Chalice Well.

There are many myths surrounding the well , from the chalice of the Last Supper being down the well which was brought over by Joseph of Arimathea , and another one being a Chalice from the Knights of the Round Table. Whatever the myth, this place has a definite mystical energy and we were so glad we got to visit.

The waters are full of iron and so cleansing as they come from an unknown source that are believed to be somewhere in Wales, the gardens are beautiful there too and the quietness and serenity with many places to stop and contemplate or meditate added to the experience along with the refreshing feeling our feet felt after walking in the water.

Although Glastonbury was only an overnight visit , we achieved a great deal in the short time and got to have many rewarding experiences from this special place.

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