From Ancient Britain at Tintagel to Clovelly, England: Aug 2016

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The drive was beautiful apart from a few traffic jams and the detour into Padstow was picturesque but insanely crowded with nowhere to park so we kept going and stopped in at Tintingel castle. Wow what an amazing piece of history over the ages with remnants of civilisations from pre Roman to medieval all making use of the incredible site .


The sea caves and the legends of King Arthur and Merlin are all in the air and there was an amazing energy about the place.

The old town was also very cute and Cornish with very proud locals to boot.


Next stop was a real surprise when we discovered Boscastle a really quaint village with a very unusual mini harbour and very old but fully restored village .

It is set along the creek to the valley style harbour which was almost fully destroyed by the 2004 flash floods where the water was a further 5m above high tide line so to see it today with no evidence of what happened to what they consider to be a 1:400 year incident was amazing.

Clovelly is unique to say the least with its winding single lane road down to The Red lion Hotel we were glad to arrive with no incident and wow what an amazing place .

Set at the bottom of a village that cascades down to a man-made harbour that when seen at low tide it is a revelation of man’s ingenuity to create a fishing village where no one would conceive to do so but did so.

The easy way to do Clovelly is to get a lift back up the hill and walk back down which is what we did but the calves still got a workout on the sloping cobbled streets.

Incredible way of life for the locals and ingenuity to the max to create this unique town. The day was perfect so the spectacle of the Devon coast was all the better for it



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