In and out of San Francisco USA in 5 days. 2015

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Thanks to REA i was invited on a study tour of The High tech Silicon valley game changing businesses in September 2015 such as Google, Airbnb, Sales Force & Uber plus a bit of fun along the way. There was about 22 Real estate Agents from across Australia invited to participate in a strategy Forum and whilst there  we enjoyed all the san Fran can offer in 5 days


For me the architecture is enough of a reason to visit and with my walking shoes on i explored as much as i could and dragged my new friend from WA Adam Gilbert on a journey of discovery.


Lunch at Bun Mee on Fillmore was a treat


The paired Ladies up on Alamo Square are always worth a visit as are the vistas all around the park.


There is nothing like the way they design and build on the steep blocks.


We took in a trip and tour of Alcatraz which was a real surprise for me as i had dismissed it all as tourist hype but really got into it.


Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian and contemporary all mixed together in harmony


The ever present Golden gate.


The wonderful vistas from the myriad of hills opens up something new at every turn. Looking down the back end of Lombard street from Russian Hill


Alcatraz from Nobb Hill


Grace cathederal on Nobb Hill with the Bellini replica fountain in Huntington Park.


Looking down to the Financial District and The Oakland Bay bridge.


A Trip to The ball game was a real highlight to see the san Francisco Giants Play at AT&T park


A bus full of RE Agents now that is a rare sight.


Our final night in San Fran and a superb dinner at The Water Bar Restaurant beneath the Oakland Bay Bridge


Our visit to Google coincided with their launch of the new Logo


Airbnb head office in San Fran was pretty amazing


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