Lord Howe Island interlude, Nov 2015

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After a days delay due to weather and wind issues we finally got away and successfully landed in Lord Howe Island and wow are we ever glad we did. What an amazing place and our accommodation at Arajila resort was stunning. It is an all inclusive full board arrangement and the food was also amazing so for the price it had to be. we were staying just near the flying boat airport and Settlement beach where the first people set up camp.

The Scenery at every turn is off the planet so we were walking all over the place, up hills and down dales through forests and along the stunning white sandy beaches . as the southernmost coral reefs in the world and the temperate climate Lord Howe island has a pleasant climate all year round and as it is so isolated it has a unique climate and eco system.


The main lagoon beach which has vistas back to the twin cloud shrouded peaks of Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower and is just one of the worlds most beautiful bays and being surrounded by coral reefs is always protected so always perfect for a swim .


We trekked all over the place and discovered every bay and beach we could with Clear Place point and the natural forests of the  reserve just stunning


Needs beach was a real favourite and it has beautiful coral reefs just off the beach which were ideal for snorkelling and as it was an easy walk or ride from the resort we made good use of it even cooking a BBQ lunch one day. We also hired a car for a day and found we could just see the lot without any drama.IMG_1081IMG_1078

The coral fish around Neds were just beautiful and we spent plenty of time just swimming around them in the shallows




Looking down to Neds beach from the hills behind where we hiking up to get the best of the vistas


Sea Turtles were in abundance around at Old Settlement Beach


The view from the hills behind the resort with a cloudless sky were nuts.


Old Settlement beach at sunset with the boats in safe harbour for the night


The birds at Blinky’s beach were nesting and were very protective and Lord Howe island is the home of The Kentia Palm and it is the islands major industry



The Arajilla Retreat living space is set in the rainforest and makes for a fabulous escape and is never busy. the restaurant was beautifully appointed and the food was out of this world.


The studio at Arajilla retreat


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