Croatia 2014 part 2, Korcula, for all the family

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Another ferry ride from Hvar to Korcula was much more controlled and we managed an easy journey and then a short taxi ride to Villa jade for a week with the family. The view from the Villa was spectacular looking back to the coastal mountains of the mainland and the tranquil bays that we walked along to the old town were picture perfect



We wandered around the beautiful old and very compact walled town and got some lunch after unloading our gear and met up with the crew of Julie, Den, Clive, Terese, Joel, Daniel & Jasmine. On the way we passed what looked like a very cool Bar/ restaurant called Maxamillians and decided we would book there for dinner. Well what a great choice that turned out to be, we had the terrace to ourselves and it was an amazing meal, setting, sunset, company and service, what a way to start our time in Korcula we had a blast a few too many Limoncello’s

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Every day in Korcula was perfect and the little beach just below Villa Jade was perfect for getting wet and for Beth to get her daily sun dose and so after a morning swim we went into town to pick up our little run about so that we could explore the coast at ease. it was only 6hp so was a bit to slow but we had fun and picked up Jazzy, Joel & Daniel for a run out to the little islands that dot the coast and met a few deer on the way.

IMG_7482 CIMG0467IMG_7480  IMG_7498 IMG_7501 IMG_7506 IMG_7509 IMG_7515IMG_7503

The Old town of Korcula is simply beautiful from every angle , perched up on top of the hill or wandering the back lanes.

IMG_7489  IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7522

The narrow streets and alleyways opened up vistas at every turn and these waters are just amazing to see

IMG_7504   IMG_7472 IMG_7463

Clive & Terese were staying on the other side of town and we popped around for regular visits and a few bevies between swims off there terrace and met a number of Terese’s family members

IMG_7605 IMG_7484

CIMG0476 CIMG0478 CIMG0493 CIMG0530

We spent a few days going further afield to visit the wineries of Lumbarda and then to the beaches and towns to the north tip of the island Pupnatska Luka, Blata, Racisce, Kneza and Vela Luka.

CIMG0555 IMG_7608 IMG_7606 IMG_7587 IMG_7595 IMG_7592 IMG_7536 IMG_7534 DCIM100GOPRO IMG_2435 IMG_2433

Terese arranged for a big family dinner in her Mum’s old village of Zrnovo and what amazing feast it was…maxed out on meat.

CIMG0522 CIMG0521 CIMG0518 CIMG0517 CIMG0516 CIMG0510 IMG_7565 IMG_7564

Our last day was spent out on the boat with Joel & Jasmine in a quiet little bay whilst we tried to find the others searching around the bays and coves but to no avail. That afternoon we revisited the old town and ate out again at Maxamillians and enjoyed another spectacular sunset

IMG_7601 IMG_7604 IMG_7598 IMG_7603 CIMG0542 IMG_7613 IMG_7618 CIMG0561

We had a great time in Korcula and hope one day to return but what made it so special was sharing it with loved ones.

IMG_7548 IMG_7552 IMG_7554 IMG_7572

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