Turkish Coast and Greek island 2014 onboard Windstar

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So it’s off we go down The Bosphorus across the Marmara sea to the Dardanelles past Gallipoli and the War Memorials and out into the Azure coloured Aegean Sea.




The WW1 war memorials


Our first night was at sea making our way down the Turkish Coast and the next day was a beauty for cruising enjoying the beautiful until a late storm came in during our outdoor dinner ! We woke as we approached Kusudasi Harbour and watched a line of big Cruise ships coming in behind us.


After breakfast it was off for our first shore excursion to Ephesus, the Ancient Greek, Persian and Roman town dating back to 2,000 BC. The stunning restoration of the Library was a sight to behold as were the sophisticated Terrace houses running up the side of the hill like modern day condominiums. 

IMG_6943IMG_6932 IMG_6925IMG_6942

The reconstructed Ancient Greek library at Ephesus


This way to the doctor


The main street in Ephesus



We were taken to a hilltop village “Sirince” for lunch and through a tourist trap set of streets and found this little treasure of a lady off the beaten track selling her knitted cats, had to buy one.    

IMG_6963 IMG_6965

Our next stop was Bodrum and a day out on a Gulet boat in the local waters after a visit to the Knights of St John’s castle and maritime museum.


The next stop was the Greek island of Rhodes and its historic relevance to The Greeks Persians and Romans 

IMG_7010 IMG_6976

IMG_6971 IMG_7022CIMG0298

Santorini was beckoning and the view cruising in was spectacular and after a bus trip around the island we were dropped off in Oia for the day to take it all in. We visited a great museum talking us back to 3,000Bc and enjoyed a fab lunch overlooking the caldera.

IMG_7112IMG_7125IMG_7102IMG_7117IMG_7098  IMG_7147

These amazing frescos were from the pre-minyan period of around 2,500BC


Our next port of call was Mykonos and it was straight off the the ancient city of Delos.

IMG_7196 IMG_7209 IMG_7186 IMG_7181

Our last night on Windstar was good fun and if course we had a little dance.


After a very rough night at sea we arrived in Athens and spent the day touring the sights on The Parthenon and other well know temples of Jupiter and Zeus.

IMG_7280 IMG_7273 IMG_7243 IMG_7236 IMG_7234

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