Picturesque Praiano Italy: September 2017

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After a scenic ferry ride from Capri to Positano and then a very bumpy water taxi ride to Praiano we settled into the fabulous Hotel One Verde perched above the stunning waters of the Amalfi Coast. Our room had a lovely little patio with sun lounges and oh the views, just beautiful.


Every time of day was spectacular, sunrise, sunset and every mood was a sheer delight to experience.


The waters in the bay were a sheer delight and we swam at every opportunity, that is the hotel on top of my head and the restaurants were on the waterfront at the beach and within the hotel so we were spoilt for choice


The hotel breakfasts were excellent and the seating picture perfect in every spot looking over the bay.


down at the Spaggia you had to pick your spot as the sun moved across the opening and put you in shade very quickly due to the deep ravine the beach was located in.



We had a fun time cruising around the little settlement by the beach and even had its own nightclub ” Africana” along the rocks in a grotto precede above the water. very unique indeed and as virtually the only patrons we dropped in two nights in a row around 10pm for a drink well before the local youth turned up around midnight.



The terraces and relaxing spaces were fantastic at the hotel but we also explored the town and wandered its back alleys to discover some lovely little pockets of domestisity at every corner.


The local town square was cut out of the hillside and a magnificent church built along with a spacious piazza where the local kids claimed it as a football pitch, and they were pretty good little players.




The domes of the church were very Byzantine in style and really captured the essence of the local colours of forests and ocean.



The bay at Praiano was a delight of ocean tones all day long and diving into those azure waters every day was delightful. The ingenuity of living and working in this tough rough environment by the local forefathers is astounding when you consider how hard it is to get around but they managed to turn adversity into something very unique.




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