Positano & Amalfi on the go. Italy: September 2017

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We arrived by ferry from Capri after a very picturesque journey along the Amalfi coast and Sorrento peninsular to arrive in Positano to an overcast sky and windy shore. The devastation from the early summer bush fires was very evident and great swathes of forest were wiped out from the intensity of the fires.


We disembarked at the harbour and immediately got a water taxi to Praiano which was a very bumpy ride from a pair of very jubilant young men who clearly had stronger backs than we did and we jolted from side to side and up and down. With Ann’s vertigo and my bulging discs it was not a good way to travel.

We spent a full day exploring the town and enjoyed wandering through the maze of streets and popping into shops and galleries along the way. we had a coffee on the beach and a great lunch at the stunning Palazzo Murat garden restaurant.



The crazy bus ride to Positano was a real eye opener as to how tight the roads are and how crazy the drivers are who frequent these roads.


Arriving into Amalfi was much more civilised than Positano and getting dropped right in the heart made getting around very easy. A nice coffee break at The Stella Maris cafe on the beach and then into town around through the back alleys to the stunning Duomo.




The Byzantine architecture plays homage to the eastern Roman empire and then rule of this area by the Venetians and the trade with Constantinople.


The cloisters and crypt were real highlights for us along with the fabulous frescos that abound throughout the Duomo.

The photo opportunities were endless with features at every turn and in every corner.


The detailing on the upper exterior was from a later period but still impressed.

The streets were lined with Touristico shops of every kind but mostly sold limoncello and trinkets of every description.

The grotto of plastic figurines was a highlight and it reminded us of the plastic figures Papa Ray hid all around the garden of Kentwell road

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