A day in Ljubljana Slovenia, 2013

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Our journey back into Italy to get our flight back to Milan from Trieste took us to Ljubljana for the day.

we were really impressed with the style of the City as well as it’s atmosphere and friendly people.


we parked in an underground carpark right in the centre of town and emerged to the main town square where there was an umpa umpa band playing to a crowd in front of the town hall.


The town centre was full of beautiful modernist and classical style buildings and everything was so compact and easy to find especially on both sides of the small river.


on our way to the castle that dominates the City we found this disused Kangaroo drinking fountain, very novel idea with the big pouch.


The view looking from the castle to the main square


from the castle looking back at the mountains that surround the City


in front of the town hall stands this magnificent Obliesk



Along the riverside there are masses of bars and restaurants that come to life at night especially when you consider that it is a University town.


A quiet stretch of the river before it gets to the bar area.


And back to where our 4hrs in Ljubljana began looking back up to the castle from the classic old quarter of town.


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