Aitutaki, The Cook Islands, Paradise does exist.2012

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We arrived at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort after two flights totalling 8 hrs flying time and 2 hrs wait but boy was it worth it. In front of us was one of the most beautiful sights imaginable and it didn’t take us long to dive right in. The overwater bungalows were simply but very effectively finished in tropical island Bure style and the little island only caters for a limited number of guests most of which are Honeymooners and no kids under 12 allowed.

first dive


The setting is just mind blowing and our first day was spent just chilling , snorkelling and feasting. A channel runs beside the bungalows so the changing tide can give you ride in and out which can make swimming interesting at times. there is an artificial reef right out in front of our Bungalow and you have to hang onto the buoy to enjoy it due to the currents.

IMG_3602  IMG_3656

The white coral sands, crystal clear azure waters and balmy even temperatures all day every day make is so relaxing and heading off to dinner each night means the biggest decision is …shirt or tshirt.


After a couple of days of being pure lazy we took a trip out into the lagoon and visited some of the outer islands inside the massive lagoon. One foot island was so beautiful with its massive sand bank, snorkelling reefs and just pristine setting. it has to be seen to be believed and after a BBQ lunch we called in on another island before heading back to the resort.





Aitutaki Lagoon Resort

The view above from the boat on the way back looking at The Bungalows is the real picture postcard vision of the amazing place.

IMG_3603  IMG_3655

And if there is dancing to be had we will be first to volunteer and if there were sunsets to be seen we were there for everyone.


we spent most nights and days on our little island but as we had a car for a day we went sight seeing around the big island which took a total of 45 mins to circle but the views of the lagoon from the hill were spectacular.

IMG_3628  IMG_3633

The island was perfect for lots of water sports and John enjoyed his first stand up paddle board ride to attempt to circle the island but after nearly 2 hrs the wind and tide conspired against him.



After a tough day doing very little but water fun and chilling sitting out on the deck with The Kindle and a beer or glass of wine to watch the sunset was the order of the day.


This has been one of the most relaxing holidays imaginable and after 6 days we felt water logged and like we had been here longer, and that bed was so comfy.


our last night featured a beautiful seafood feast delivered to our room and we enjoyed our last sunset in the true paradise.


so its so long Aitutaki and thanks for the memories.


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