Europe 2005 Part 1, Prague Czech republic and Paris & Avignon France

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First stop Prague in The Czech Republic, an amazing city that is still so intact from its Medieval days as capital of the Bohemian Empire. We had 4 lovely days here with just the four of us wandering its fascinating streets and Squares, visiting Castles, Cathedrals and Palaces. We crossed The Charles bridge many times day and night and took in as much as we could including a night out at a Jazz club and all the while enjoying the amazingly cheap Beer.


Euro 2005 001

The grotesque style of sculptures on the Charles bride are even more heightened by their pollution covered black soot look and those that have been cleaned take on a much more sedate feel Euro 2005 006

We loved all the Kubist and Modernist movement Architecture from the turn of the century that was scattered all over Prague. The city has survived many a war and was very lucky to have being left mostly intact following the Nazi occupation during WW2 when the German commander ignored his orders to destroy the old city centre on his departure and instead just blew up one minor city administration building ad left the medieval buildings alone.

Euro 2005 009 Euro 2005 010

The Medieval old town centre was stunning and its Gothic inspired steeples and tower tops were very formidable indeed.

Euro 2005 014 Euro 2005 017

The Castle and cathedral district occupied the whole top of the hill across the river and there were Palaces of all sizes and styles. This was the capital of Bohemia and was the centre of culture in the 17th and 18th centuries so prices and royalty from all over Europe kept palaces up on the hill which commander views in all directions.

Euro 2005 038 Euro 2005 007

the rain did not dampen our venturing and we experienced the heartache of the Jewish ghetto and museums

Euro 2005 029

Our apartment was supposedly once occupied by Mozart so all over the city there apartments that he is known to have lived in and all are cashing in .

Euro 2005 046 Euro 2005 053


Our second visit to Paris after coming here on our whirlwind 1996 expedition and it was wonderful to see it with less eyes of wonder than before so that we could absorb the detail and the history.

F1010036 F1000001

We met up with Joan & Shelly on our second day and took in The Place Des Vosges, Luxembourg gardens, The Pantheon, Notre Dame just in one day. we are staying in The Marais  Quarter in a fabulous apartment.


Notre Dam was a real highlight as it has so much that evokes Paris and the French themselves and is really the beating heart of Paris a F1000014

Our next day was at The Louvre and at night The Eiffel Tower in all its sparkles.


We visited Versailles on the hottest day of the year and it was so massive and opulent we felt the idiocy of it all but also the majestic nature of the craftsmanship and the grandeur of the times.

F1000026 F1000028 F1000029  F1000037

back in Paris and the exploring did not stop with so much to see we just kept going as much as our feet would allow.

F1000038 F1000039

being in Paris on Bastille day was so much fun and seeing how the French get into their national day was like being inside a movie being made where everyone is an extra. Euro 2005 054  Euro 2005 069 Euro 2005 045

We had plenty of fun out and about with some great meals and plenty of Bijou shopping in the Marias district. Euro 2005 072 Euro 2005 071

One of our favourite places in Paris is the Place Des Vorges with its Central Park and colonnaded buildings surrounding. Next stop was the Pompidou centre where we has an insanely expensive drink in the Place de Pompidou . Euro 2005 091  Euro 2005 096  Euro 2005 104 Euro 2005 107


A very fast train ride and we arrive in the south of France and it’s hot really hot and as we have to walk to our B&B it’s cobble stones all the way but at least the streets are tree lined and we get there in one piece.


We arrived whilst the Drama festival was on so there people and performers everywhere.F1020005 F1020006

We took a tourist bus ride to the fields and hills of Provence and experienced the rugged terrain and in the valleys the copious fields of Lavender and Olives.


The view from our room, The Kadinsky room had fabulous views of the Popes palace.Euro 2005 175 Euro 2005 178 Euro 2005 173

The Popes Palace in Avignon is a great example of a Medieval castle that has stayed in one piece as it has been in constant use for over 1,000 years in some form or other.

Euro 2005 182

We enjoyed the side trips to the Provence villages of Gordes and Roussillon and through the lavender fields that surround them.

Euro 2005 187 Euro 2005 191Euro 2005 202

So long Avignon it has been a very nice visit.

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