Venezia, Trieste, Verona & Milan Italy and Baska Croatia: 2004

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Arriving in Venezia for the second time having first ventured here in 1999 was like visiting an old friend and when we arrived at our amazing apartment right in the heart near the Opera house we were overjoyed. Ca-Canal was located on the Rio Della Verona and on our first night we were delighted to hear Opera signing and guitarists playing on Gondolas coming down the canal outside our apartment all the time. We had booked 7 nights here and had the girls joining us after 5 nights but we were having such a great time that we pushed it out a further 2 nights and really took in everything we could. Being here in summer although it was busy was great as early mornings and at night it was so much quieter and great for exploring.

IMGP0161IMGP0162IMGP0163IMGP0168IMGP0172IMGP0173IMGP0178IMGP0182IMGP0183IMGP0191IMGP0193IMG_2074IMGP0196IMGP0198IMGP0199We ventured out to the Lido for a swim and that was something i would not bother doing again but everything else was just wonderous as we discovered getting lost at every occasion.


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