Honeymoon, New Caledonia: Dec 1978

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Wow, how young are we? Young and innocent but very much in love and enjoying our first venture into the great unknown. With no French to speak of and hardly any money we headed off to Noumea and were immediately in love with the idea of new experiences. French cooking, exotic peoples and new experiences everywhere we looked.



The view from our room was fabulous as were all the little french cars we saw.

after just the one night in Noumea we flew in a tiny twin engine plane to Turtle Island off the coast about a 40 min flight away to another rustic world


We visited local villages by boat and explored the island from top to bottom and loved every minute. even the french food that was raw and we kept sending it back to get cooked


Right outside our beachfront Bure was this lovely beach but often it was cooler inside out of the summer heat and even though there was no aircon it was very pleasant.



There she is calling me back inside our little hideaway


The delights of island life and stunning sunsets over the ocean

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