Innsbruck and Lans, Austria: July 2019

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The drive from Salzburg to innsbruck was very easy but slow at times despite the freeway all the way due to road works but despite a mis-directed GPS to the other side of town we found our way to Lans which was located in a rural setting on a large semi plateau half way up the mountain side. It was just a 15min drive from Innsbruck and really accesabile to the mountains on the southern side of the valley. We were staying at the Gasthof Walzl which was a classic mountain style lodge with a good resturant


With the sun setting so late we booked our dinner in the restaurant and headed out for an evening stroll to the little lake nearby and took in the surrounding scenery and village life. After looping the lake we thought we would take a short cut back but ended up in someones field and had to climb our way out of the grasslands to a lane up the hill….very amusing NOT. But the countryside was lovely and we even picked some flowers along the way past some amusing little excetricities. We had a fabulous trout for dinner and another little stroll before bed.


The Alpine Villas get used all year round here as the off-winter seasons are just as active for Hikers, Bikers and adventurers with plenty of houses, guest-houses and resorts to choose from.


From every angle the stunning rugged peaks are visible and the evidence of the Timber industry is quite strong everywhere you go.

Our Sound Of Music experience continued up here on the side of the mountain where Ann was able to complete her tour with with her “The Hills are Alive ” rendition with the appropriate background.


We caught the Cable car up from Tulfes to Bergerlebniswelt on Glungezer and then i took the chair lift further up the mountain near the peak of Tulfeinalm where the vista over the valley to Innsbruck and the Nordkette range was spectacular.



Above the Forest tree line in the heathland was so beautiful. Studying the intricate detail of the alpine heath was fascinating


In the middle of the above photo you can just make out a jet coming into land at Innsbruck….so insignificant in the scheme of things natural. back at Lans and Igls we took in the sights and added up the KM’s as we wandered around street by street admiring the sunmmer flowers and houses. We dined at our restaurant again and the meal was good

We spent a day down in the valley exploring the lovely historic city of  Innsbruck and then up the mountain on the Seebrube. Nordkette cable-car to the peak at Hafelekarspitze. The city has the mighty Inn river running through it so it is certainly not a brook! and the old town has a very magical charm and a fascinating history during the formative 12th to 16th centuries


Plenty of historic buildings intact and others restored with its old lanes and alleys full of fascinating stories and characters. some of the Baroque architecture was very fancy indeed and the Golden Dachi/House has a lovely Royal wedding story attached to it


All through the old town the covered walk-ways along atria arcaded shop fronts show that the town fathers were clever in ensuring shoppers got to move around in all kinds of weather to spend their money.


Of course there was a magnificent Hapsburg Dynasty Palace Hofburg in all its white Finery and a stunning old Cathedral to go with it and a lovely royal park right in the heart of town which was a delightful respite from the 35deg valley heat of summer.


The Innsbruck DOM St Jakob was stunning and very ornate in its Baroque finery but also very serene and quiet with plenty of natural light from its domes and highlight windows.

The Seebrube. Nordkette route up the mountain range was by both train and cable car and it did not take long to reach the 2,300m stop at the restaurant and small glacier. we stopped for lunch with a fabulous view before taking the next cable car to the 2,700m peak of Hafelekarspitze. from here we could zoom in to see the village where we were staying at Lans on the other side of the range and right to the south a d deep into the Austrian Alps towards Italy and then on the other side we could see the edge of the Austrian Alps looking towards Germany in the North.



Lunch and a big well, earned ale with a view over the rugged raw mountains and a nice 26deg temp. that night we went to another local restaurant and had our final wander around this quiet but very pleasant town.

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