Sensational Sevilla, Spain: June 2018

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We decided to have a night in Sevilla to coincide with our Real Alcázar booking so we booked into the Casa La Juderia where we stayed 11 years ago and set out to rediscover this enchanting old city again.

Boy were their more tourists this time! The place was chockers but we managed to get into the Aire de Sevilla baths for a massage and bath use which was good but not up to past expectations and we then ate lunch at a tapas bar Patanchon we had been to before 11 years ago which was very nice.

After the Hammam we found the stunning Casa Sevales and had a virtual private tour of this private house that is like time warp.

Every detail was beautiful and the stories of the life of the family here for over the past 150 years made it all the more fascinating.

It was a classic Mudejar styled property with three internal courtyards along with entry yard and the colour palette was decidedly red which was the original colour scheme.



John continued his wanderings while Ann had a rest in the late afternoon before we headed out for dinner at a restaurant Amy & Tim had recommended, Mama Bistro which was so far our best meal, absolutely extraordinary in every way and super creative and flavoursome.


After dinner we wandered around the Cathedral prescient and back through to santa Cruz to take in the buzz of Sevilla at night.

The Real Alcázar was everything we had remembered and more as we spent hours meandering through its hallways and chambers cranking our necks to capture every minute detail and then turning full 360deg to not miss a thing.


The colours, the details , the craftsmanship and the design mindsets were astounding and photos cannot fully do it justice.


The light and access to outdoors was also such a fabulous feature and anyone who visits needs to give it plenty of time to really appreciate how the stunning gardens, pavilions, water features and the Alcázar itself all fit into one.

A big feature of the Palace are the gardens and despite the heat it was beautiful to experience the atmosphere despite the many people.


It was very hot outside and lunch was calling so we visited the cathedral after queueing for about 15mins as we we felt it was a good idea to check it out again also and wow that was a good decision as it is also mind blowing in both it’s over the topness as well as its size and design so well worth the visit.


One of my favourite parts was the massive fresco on the east wall which is of one enormous man that is in perfect proportions.

We had a fantastic lunch at Mamarracha which was also brilliant so we have done very well on the food front in Sevilla. It was time to head back to carmona after a lovely 24hrs in Sevilla.

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