Yoro Park, Onsen Yukinosato, Japan 2015

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The train trip from Himeji to Gifu-Hashima was over in a flash and we alighted to a very quiet little town and strolled up to the Nissan centre and picked up our little Black JUKE. We had a few map issues at the end getting to Yoro and then up to the Takimotokan Yukinosato Onsen but all good in the end and vowed to use the GPS from then on.



We were greeted by our Hostess Hitome who forced feed us sweet things and green tea before taking us to our room. We finally convinced her to have our beds made up so we could have a nap before dinner at 6pm. The beds were Japanese style on the floor but we doubled up with two each for extra comfort. After settling in John went for a walk to Yoro Falls and into the Park before being taken to our private dinning room for the FEAST, and what a feast it was.



We lost count of the courses but there were about 15 different things to eat over a 90 min period with a lot of fish and after just two days of it breakfast and Dinner we were wanting a breather.



We arranged a massage after dinner and at 9pm two old local ladies turned up and gave us a shiatsu overhaul whilst chatting and laughing all the time. were they laughing at us western tight weaklings ? we will never know.


We had a lovely sunny day on the Sunday and spent it wandering through Yoro Park from the Waterfall down and back being entertained by the locals and a fantastic Drum band who were playing at The Waterfall.


IMG_9211 IMG_9319

We were the only Euro types in the whole Park and environs as it was a real locals weekend place to go and picnic, play, hike, walk, bike and be seen.


The fashion Police needed to be called a few times, even for the dogs.     IMG_9289


I felt like a voyuer at times but the zoom lens and the fantastic subject matter made it worth it.

IMG_9312 IMG_9316  

The Princess Shrine at Yoro Park near the hot springs.

IMG_9320 IMG_9341   IMG_9353

There were children everywhere having a ball and the coffee pot man at Yoro falls was really funny guy.

IMG_9356   IMG_9308

we had some amazing meals at Takimotokan Yukinosato Onsen and even got dressed up in costume each night.CIMG1127 CIMG1128 CIMG1137

A well placed bowl and doing my best japanese squinty eyes in the hot tub.


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