One night in Boston, USA: Sept 2011

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After an uneventful and no wrong turn trip into Boston we returned the car and checked into our funky hotel, AMES, a totally restored externally and totally revamped interior Hotel that was originally built in 1889 where it was the tallest building in Boston for the next 22 years. Our room was very comfortable and very modern a big change from the arts & crafts style in Rockport. We lunched in the very fashionable but very resonable priced restaurant ” woodwards ” in the hotel and then jumped on the tourist scenic bus to tour the city.


Boston is such a Historic city, the birthplace of the USA and the history is all around you. Directly across the oad from the Hotel is The State House where the Boston massacre took place and where Independence was plotted and where Declaration of Independence was announced.


Just around the corner was the oldest Luxury hotel in America and where JFK proposed to Jackie and next to that the first integrated church in the states dating back to the 1830’s.
We ended up at Constitution Dock where the most famous and oldest timber ship in the world is moored, 250 years old and still going.


We took in the sights and sounds of a very vibrant student rich city, over 300,000 students a 70 colleges including the famous Harvard and MIT where the Internet was invented.
Past Paul Reveres house and many other notable institutions and back to the hotel. I then went for a stroll as my foot was feeling much better and I was able to walk without a limp and wandered a few more streets before heading back for a rest.
Before we boarded the train to New York the next day we strolled down to Quincy Markets and toured around the streets before looking inside the Old State House museum and get our full dose of American Independence History.
I am writing this sitting on the train passing through the Providence region utilising the free Wifi.



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