Ottawa, at home with Deb & Al, Canada: 2011

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Arriving at the station in a wheelchair is not how I Imagined things to be but once we found Allan waiting for us it was off to their plac for lunch before an overnight stay at their Lake house just 35 mins out of town. On the way we toured the embassy region of Ottawa as it is the Capital of Canada and took a scenic tour up to the lake.

The Cottage as they call it sits right on the lake and we watched as it turned into a complete mirror surface reflecting the other shore perfectly.


We had a lovely dinner prepared by Deb with a little help from Ann whilst i lazed on the lounge and drank beer resting my battered body and then we chatted for hours before bedtime. After a lovely breakfast of freshly made pancakes by Deb we packed up and went for a scenic jaunt thru the country side up to the Champlain lookout and to Pink lake and others along the way. Fall was starting late this year so the trees really have not put on a show as yet.



I was able to get in to see Debs Physio that afternoon which was great so I now have an exercise regime and strapping that Ann bought so each day I am improving.
We made a reservation at the Fairmont Laurier Hotel and had a beautiful dinner that night to thank Deb & Allan for their kind hospitality. It is another classic Hotel built by the Canadian Pacific Railway back in 1880 and it Oozes charm.


Our last day was spent visiting the Capitol Hill and parliament buildings that were very grand indeed and we took the. Elevator to the top the the tower which had great city views.



The interiors were like a medieval church and the whole design was very gothic rather than 19th century French.



We wandered down to the Market Square past the famous 7 Locks that link the canal to the River and checked out a cool photographic exhibition on the way to confirming our car for tomorrow.
After some lunch we found our way back o the Physio for another treatment. Ann and Deb went shopping for dinner and Allison & Pat her boyfriend put together a lovely Fajita meal or us all to enjoy.


The next day we were off and running early so said our fond farewells to Deb & Allan and hit the highway. A big Thanks to Deb and Allan for their wonderful hospitality, it was nice to feel at home on our travels.

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