Nana/Joy’s 86th birthday weekend retreat, 2010

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A lovely 3 nights were spent at the Beautiful Smiths Lake to celebrate Mum/Nana Joy’s 86th birthday.

We gathered as much of the family as we could and as well as the” Lake House” we hired two other houses to accommodate the 15 inhabitants. Once everyone arrived on the friday night we had a lovely dinner out on our deck and enjoyed a beautiful balmy night and a few vino’s before it was time to pack Joy and everyone off to their beds

Saturday morning was perfect and after a relaxed extended breakfast we packed up the cars and surfboards and headed off to Boomerang Beach for some sun and waves.


The beach was beautiful as usual and we even managed a few good waves and an enjoyable swim in the pristine warm 26deg water.  After lunch it was time to wake the troops from their naps and take the boat down to the lake for some action.

Clive and Jasmine were the first to take the blow up ring out for a spin and we got up to 20 knots before Clive complained on too much water pressure on the nether regions.

Beth then took Jasmine out for another spin whist Den, Tavis & Beth took  the kyaks for a paddle.


Lance & liz joined Ann, Joy and Julie on the beach and then they took their turns in having a fang around the glassy Lake with John.

Saturday night we got together at the Tranquility House just 3 doors up from us for a seafood feast out on the deck on another perfect star filled night with bats at Sunset and great company.





We celebrated Mum’s Birthday with Cake and merangooies and some lovely reds and whites to wash it all down.


Sunday we awoke to the impending Tsunami so there was much debate on going to the beach and in the end Clive & Terese decided to head home early so the remaining 10  headed off to the Lakes Markets at Pacific Palms for some retail browsing, coffee and cake. In the end it was just John & Den who went in the water and fortunatley, no Tsunami . We then went to a very enjoyable lunch at a recently reopened cafe run by the Buddah Belly people from Terry Hills .




That night we  pooled our left overs and with John & Ann’s brilliant Nachos we finnished off the weekend in perfect style out on the Ski Cove Lake House deck. What a fabulous way to celebrate an 86th Birthday


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