Oslo,Summer in Oslo ? Brrr..colder than a Sydney winter, Norway: 2008

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No it’s not snow ,the stunning new Opera House is just designed to look that way . We have discovered why we packed those Parka’s and woolies and glad of it ,but Oslo has been a nice discovery with that small city feel with a strong international flavour which extends to the food as well. Apart from been outragiously expensive the place has a good vibe .

The interior of the Opera House is light and airy and with lots of glass that gave us a feel of home.It was a welcome feeling from the cold and rain outside.Some funky interior touches added to it all. We will putting the Oslo card to good use over the next few days,been taking it easy to try and get John back on the wellness road.Hence the promptness of our blog updates, due to hotel rests and fast internet. Another hospital visit as its the only way to try and see a doctor, 3 hospitals in as many countries!! Never had a visit to one before this trip, we now have seen a doctor and antibiotics are being taken by John, so hopefully that will do the trick.

With John feeling a bit better and a good night’s sleep and we had a nice change of weather on our 3rd day in Oslo so took the chance to get out on the harbour and took the bucket of prawns lunch cruise on board an old timber sailing ship.It was crowded, so we sat up ont he top deck where it was sunny but cold ,the wind  chill off the water was very ” Baltic” and we were pleased they supplied blankets .

The summer houses on the islands were a delight and we then took in the nautical museums for the afternoon and saw John’s childhood adventure hero Thor Heyerdahl boats The Kon-Tiki , Ra 2 and the Tigris so that was a buzz.

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The Nors really know how to do museums ,they are everywhere and we are seeing our fair share but the really good thing is that Oslo is so easy to get around ,the Trams ,Buses and Boats take you wherever you want to go and all so regularly .This is one user friendly city and feels very much like Wellington N.Z in the suburbs and did you know that one in seven Nors own a boat,they are everywhere.


The next day ,wet and cold again, but that was not going to stop us getting to The Vigelandsparken an amazing sculpture park full of Bronze and Granite human art works that took over 20 years to complete by one artist .


It was truly amazing, and the camera was clicking with both of us, but it is not that easy whilst holding an umbrella and also trying not to get the camera wet, but we enjoyed our time at the park, thanks to our Katmandu weatherjackets and the warmth of the Museum afterwards.

To top off the day a visit to The City Hall with its Post Modernist design and massive murals was well worth the visit, the murals were fanatastic and each room had a different theme that portrayed life in Norway through the ages


Our last museum for the day was certainly not the least, the Nobel Museum, was brilliant and we could have spent a lot more time there, but closing time came around and we had to move on, we nearly missed seeing the actual Nobel Prize, but luckily captured it just before we left. Then a tram ride to the suburbs was enjoyed and we sat back and enjoyed the surroundings, we went to the last stop and stayed on board for the return trip. Our driver had a good chat with us and picked that we were Aussies,which is a first for us, we have blended with the locals so much that we don’t look like tourists until we open our mouths.


We put our 72hr Oslo card to the test on our last day in Oslo and got to the Folk Museum, the Viking Museum and the Castle and all the transport in between, it certainly was good value. The Folk Museum was ourdoors, so lucky the rain held off. The buildings were all original from medieval times to 19thC, and many we could go inside and wander; the constructions were so interesting and still so strong.


Our Viking forefathers showed another side at the Viking Museum, they had quite an artistic side to them and seeing the actual ships was quite a thrill. The castle finished off a fine day and we felt we had really got to know Oslo and its history and now were ready for our Norway in a Nutshell expedition.




  1. What a terrific time you’re having but it looks like winter, not summer … freezing.
    Talk on skype again soon.
    xoxo Robin P.

  2. Yes, we could have brought some more woollen clothing, but after all we are near the north pole, so I suppose we should have expected it….. although a few weeks ago it was round 30deg, so we just lucked out.. hope to chat soon xxx

  3. I love looking at these photos. You two look like you’re having a ball.
    Can’t wait to see you both again, not long now.

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