Maldives,surfing and relaxing at Chaaya Island Dhonveli. (pasta point) April 2008

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TUESDAY 15th April.We feel like we have been away for ages but it has only been 2 days. We have had one and a half days of beautiful sunshine and tropical weather, aqua and saphire waters and waves to keep the surfers happy… but the wind has come and the clouds and the rain has bucketed and the lightshow of the  lightening is entertaining. Hence we are now sitting in the bar at Pasta Point drinking Pina Coladas and listening to the Cat Empire blasting in our ears, and the sand is still under our feet as the floor is made of sand. The waves are rushing in but not of the surfable kind. Lucky John has 4 surfs so far and even had a photo shoot this morning. susnset donvehli The sunsets are stunning  and the lagoon area is surreal with the clearest water and amazing colours of the blue spectrum. We have been snorkelling amongst schools of yellow fish and the tiny colourful ones too and of course lying on deck chairs reading our novels under the grass umbellas on white white sand is another favourite pastime. paradise again As was the surfing which grew in confidence each day. nice set uo   down the line at pasta Wed 16th April. John had a fun early morning surf and we have snorkelled around the Lagoon and also lazed under the grass umbrella. John has just come in from an afternoon surf and we are going back with our books to R & R again. The whole setup here is great and the food has been more than apetising, so we are very happy with our decision to come here. what a life   Thurs 17th April

Set out early this morning to wade over to the small islands nearby as the tide is low. Wade around and try to swim some of the way but the tide is too low and I am scared I will scrape my stomach on the reef, so share some of the surfboard and kick over. Island has plastic bottles everywhere that have been washed up. Sometimes the idyllic is best left alone and look beautiful from far away. Oh well we adventured to the undiscovered.

 john to the rescue    deserted island

As we were getting ready to come back I spot a dark speck in the water which I first think is a bird with something in his mouth but then realise it is a reef shark’s fin. Although they are supposed to be harmless, I freak after also seeing a sting ray nearby so poor John plays the hero and rides the board back and then goes and gets a double canoe and comes back to rescue the damsal in distress and we paddle our way back to shore. All this is before breakfast, oh what a morning, so much for distressing!! I was fine and actually realise I would have been fine to make my way back but it was a little too late the rescue mission was already underway.

clean pasta day2

Another beautiful sunset watched from our room looking over the Lagoon, Uploaded our photos and enjoyed looking at the slideshow.

yet another beautiful sunset

 Fri 19th April

Another overcast day and very windy, no Surf for John today. went on the boat over to Huraa Island. The boat was overcrowded and it was choppy so we were rocking  big time and the water was coming in over the back and running along the floor. I was freaking but trying to stay calm, the faces of some of the crew looked a bit worried too which didn’t help. The Italians and Brits didn’t seem concerned though. We had a short walk around the village and then were left at a market strip that had Sarongs and timber products and harassing storeholders. We were told that the boat would leave in 1 ½ hours and that was it for the tour. We had a quick look around but there was not anything we wanted it was all Indonesian junk, so we went to the bar and had a cold drink and waited for the time to board the boat.

water bugalow  voodoo chaaya donvelhi

Sat 19th April 2008

Had lots of rain overnight and quite a storm this morning. John woke early again to look at the Surf but it was blown out. Had a bit of a sleep in and then around to breakfast. Watched the surf for a while after breaky and then went to our massage at 11am. John had a good strong one but mine was a little light on , but it was ok. John had a Surf after the massage and I came back to the room for a snooze.

escaping the heat

 Watched the Surf after lunch and John decided to have another Surf. I watched for a while, he is going really well.  John was really happy with his surfing, it was a good last surf if there is none tomorrow.

surfing pasta point  nice for cut backs

 Sun 20th april

No surf today worth going out in ,lots of new arrivals desperate for a wave having a go but after yesterdays good waves i will leave it at that. Had a final swim and a good afternoon relaxation meditation before getting ready to take the bumpy speed boat ride back to Male for the late night flight to singapore.

We have had an awesome time on the island ,great waves as far as i am concerned ,beautiful lagoon and beach and a really nice atmosphere and set up to go with it.

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