Nara, Kyoto, Hakone & Tokyo, Japan: 2007

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NARA: We arrived in Osaka late at night and after a light meal it was off to bed. The next day we were off to Nara via the fabulous rail network and our first experience of Japanese culture was at the station where the cleanliness and the efficiency of the people was obvious everywhere. The hotel we stayed at was a 19th century English Hotel and was in Japanese style. we wandered the temples and were amazed at the extent of the temple complexes and the massive pagodas and huge wooden temples that house the massive Buddha’s,  truly amazing to see.IMG_0192IMG_0128IMG_0196IMG_0187IMG_0188 /IMG_0198IMG_0227IMG_0219IMG_0236IMG_0232


TOKYO: On our way back from Spain we met Amy in Tokyo and set off on another adventure first stop Ginza and its bright lights


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