New Caledonia, a 2003 short break.

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It had been 25 years since our first trip to New Caledonia in 1978 for our honeymoon and although things had changed it was not that different in old town Noumea at all. We spent the first few days at a resort not too far from the main city region on a lovely stretch of the coast on the main island at a resort called Kuendu Beach resort on the island of Nouville which was a fabulous way to start the holiday


The beach was stunning and the sunsets spectacular snd it did not take long to unwind and enjoy the island spirit.


The food was wonderful and we jus totally chilled out for two days before heading off to the Isle of pinesD1000088F1020011

it was just a short flight to the Isle de Pines and we immediately got into the swing of this uniquely stunning island and headed to the beach walking along Kanumera Bay and diving in the waters at every opportunity.




We enjoyed the tranquil waters of  Kanumera and Kuto Bay and lunched at the Oure Terra resort right on the beach and just soaked up the atmosphere of this stunning location.


Our waterfront Villas at Quameo Bay beach, Hotel Kodjeue had the most stunning sunsets and it was a great base to explore the island in our little golden hire car.



The most special spot on the island has to the Natural Pool that has a very small access to the ocean that flushes in every high tide making this a stunning sanctuary for all to enjoy. we lunched at the stunning le meridian resort before winding our way back along the track to the car park.


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