USA & Mexico: Dec 1997, Jan 1998

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Arrived in Santa Monica via bus through the crazy LA traffic and checked into a crappy room which we insisted was not good enough and got moved to a far better room…SLEEP for all and then a walk to the beach and Pier to watch the sunset and then back to the Hotel for dinner.

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Next morning it was off towards Venice beach and visited the Californian History Museum and went to the farmers market and listened to a great funky band before arriving at the crazy Venice beach.

Wow it was far out with freaks and drunks and interesting people of all sorts doing their thing. we ate at the Figure cafe which was excellent and wholesome. Went by Taxi to 3rd promenade and did some shopping and then fatigue hit at we stayed in for dinner.

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Got the bus the next day for a tourist drive through Hollywood to see all the sights and the bus took us past all the Rich and famous mansions of Beverley Hills which was crazy stuff but we loved the 1920’s Spanish mission mansions of the Hollywood stars the best. Universal studios next which was full on with earth Quakes, attacks from KING KONG and a trip Back to the future before the Jurassic Park water ride where we all got soaked. Next it was down to Hollywood drive and the Walk of fame, the Hollywood sign and back through Rodeo Drive..exhausted, wow what a day



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Up early and off to the airport to fly via salt Lake City to Casper which flys over the amazing Rocky Mountains all covered in snow and with clear sky it was a great sight. Louise Ron & Paul met us and we headed off in Big Red to home. Chris Andrew and the kids dropped over later and we all enjoyed a lovely ego meal whilst getting know a bunch of Family we have not met before.


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