Smithy Summer 2011

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Our traditional 2 weeks in January at Smithy was on as usual and of course a great time was had, and even the weather behaved well for most of it and we enjoyed some special times with our beautiful sunsets.


We had visits from both Girls, took the boat out for some lake time on Smithy, Wallis and discovered an amazing Lakeside oasis beach on Myall lakes.

A nice little rest spot on Wallis lake.


The surf turned it on for some solid clean swell for 5 days



The Dolphins performed on time again this year with a family playing the tide surge at the lakes enterance.

we ventured out into the Wallingut National Park through the trails and enjoyed the solitude.

The Cabbage tree palms make such beautiful bush art.


Our first trip onto myall lakes was a real treat, the expanse of it all and its unspoilt nature was beautiful.

Shelly beach was a gem of a find but there was not a shell in sight.


A lovely picnic lunch and a Corona each capped off a sensational day.

Beautiful white sand and calm waters were in abundance.


Sandbar was living up to its name with a good 2m high barrier to the sea in place.


A smithy feast at sunset and a lone fisherman enjoying the dusk solitude

The locals got interested in our dinner.

Beth Knows how to relax anywhere and enjoyed the new furniture layout.


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