Dolphins & Summer Holidays, Smiths Lake, Jan 2010

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There’s nothing like a couple of weeks up at Smiths lake to bring out both the sloth and the energetic individual inside you.

With 9 out of the 14 days been perfect and just a bit of rain we really had a great time getting out on the boat on both Smithy and Wallis lakes as well as adventuring up into the wang walu state forest for some soft roading.


We dined on the deck at sunset every night and took in the incoming bat show (flying foxes) as we talked away the hours listening to our 500+ soulful sunset tunes from the ipod waiting for the clear skys to deliver the Milky Way in all it’s glory.

Very little TV was watched despite the new 32in LCD and many a sleep in was experieced as there was a distinct flat spell in the surf.



Despite the poor surf i still managed 4 good sessions towards the end until i tore some muscle tissue on my heel attempting a backhand floater re-entry with consequences, oh well at least the lakes were the place to be.0


The big highlight was our discoverey cruising up Wallis lake one day of a family of 4 dolphins amusing themselves on their way out to sea thru the crystal clear azure waters. We followed them for 20mins just totally in awe of their grace.

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