Smithy/Pacific Palms Summer Jan 2009

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The perfect summer at last and 2 weeks to enjoy it at our geographical peace centre of Smiths Lake, Pacific Palms.

the-blob  the-garden

Great weather ,excellent company,the perfect location and plenty of fun had by all ,what more could you ask.


Well the surf was so so ,a few good days and the water was cold but who’s complaining ,not me.

amaroo-beach  the-grandis


The boat got a good workout ,the dogs had a ball and despite all my work on fishing rigs  not a fish in sight for us ,maybe next time.


Our brand new blow up spa from target got a serious workout ,what a bargain ,comfortable ,easy to blow up and let down  and fits 6 people ,well sort of.


The lake was delightful and we had plenty of floating ,swims ,kyaking and walks capturing it’s beauty.

bliss  iron-man-not

capn-blob out the back yard

The sunsets were right up to standard with some truly spectacular sights ,many nights spent from sunset to sparking stars just sitting talking and listening to mellow music sounds.


We had plenty of friendly ,welcome visitors to keep us social ,John ,Kath ,Lance & Lizzie


and caught up with some old friends Mark & Wendy we had not seen in a long time.


and then (hobbling) Peter & ( crutches ) Kim dropped in for a couple of days to round it all off


the-launch  gbs-on-the-lake

Floating was the order of the day on many occasions and neccesary for some and a few GB’s burgers kept the grumbling tummies at bay.


Picturesque every way you look at it ,Pacific Palms is just a magic land.

boomers  intensity

The lake was like a tropical azure island some days with the deep channels letting us navigate to the sandbar entry


The local Kookas were having a ball after we did our annual clearing ,spotting tucker easy.


It was great to catch up with friends and just cruise the days and nights away.

floaters  the-girls-at-smithy

There were some perfect days out on the lake for some Hobie fun


Our favourite tree just keeps looking amazing from every angle,the best Angophra on the planet.


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